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Cyber Tools for Astrologers - All Day


Cyber Tools for Astrologers - All Day UACNCYBALL

Cyber Tools for Astrologers is an all-day workshop offered at UAC 2018, consisting of three parts.

$90 is the prices for the whole day (see schedule below), or you can choose individual sessions here.

Session 1. Office Tools. (2.5 hours with 15 min. break) 10 am-12:30 pm

1. Introduction to Google Suite of products. 30 mins

a. What products are present within Google Suite: Doc (similar to Word), Sheets (similar to Excel), Slides (PowerPoint), Sites (to create websites), Google drive to store materials;

b. What is the advantage of using the Google suite: multiple people collaborating simultaneously. How to create and edit documents in multiple devices, maintain revisions, convert to pdf;

c. Refer to handouts for all training material on YouTube, websites etc.

2. Power Points: 45 mins

a. Best practices for effective presentations;

b. Easy tips and tricks for using animations;

c. Adding pictures, tables into PowerPoint;

d. Smart Art

3. Excel (Sheets): 1 hour

a. Step by Step instructions on creating and editing worksheets;

b.Using templates;

c. Sorting, filtering; d. Formulas.

Session 2. Audio/Video Interactive Tools. (1 hour) 2- 3 PM

1. Use of online webinars for consulting and teaching

a. Comparison of zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, skype;

b.Demo of an online webinar: tips and tricks;

c. How to have an interactive online session;

d. How to record and share webinars/ consultations–Hightail, Mediafire, Dropbox

Session 3. Cyber Social Tools. (1 hour) 3:30-4:30 PM

1. Better utilization and integration of your Facebook page, twitter, blog and website

a. How to create a Facebook page and maximize its potential;

b. When to use twitter vs blogs vs Facebook;

c. Other online tools: surveys, email, calendar.

$90 In stock